After breakfast at your hotel, tour will start visiting Kampung Tarukan well-known as central wood carving of Bali in Gianyar regency . A unique experience can be obtained to one of those wood carving galleries. As soon as entering the gate of Wis­maya house , you will hear somewhat chisel and wooden hammer sounds. If you trace it carefully it’s the hit of wooden hammer with ebony hard wood carved by artist wood carver. Having observed the diligent man busy carving, you may also purchase their works displayed at the showroom of each respective Gallery. Have a cup of coffee or tea at wismaya house for starting point and a village briefing from the local guide. First morning stop is to visit Pura Taman Pule temple. The temple is dedicated to Highest Hindu Priest Dang Hyang Nirartha who came to the village around l5th century. The arrival of Siwa Hindu Priest at Mas Village made Bandesa Mas clans so honored. To show their commitment for learning Hindu religion from the priest, Bendesa Mas clans built an Ashram for priestis permanent house. The Family of Bendesa Mas has also offered their daughter Ayu Mas Gumitir became wife of Dang Hycing Nirartha. From their wedding was born a son which called Brahmana Mas. The son grew up and The priest had to leave the village for Gelgel Kingdom to be reiigious advisor for King Dalem Waturenggong , great King of Ball 1460-1550 AD. In this occasion Bendesa Manik Mas asked the priest to bless him as Hindu Priest in the village with titie Pangeran Manik Mas Siwa Priest. The temple festival at Taman Pule is celebrated every 210 days according to Balinese Calendar on Saturday Keliwon Kuningan. The cians of Bendesa Mas that scattered over Bali Island will come for praying in order they will get a prosperity and health in their life. Visiting elementary school is the next stop. Students are so cheerful to welcome every tourist for visit. You will be allowed by school master to enter one of the classes to share your English and country’s knowledge with students. Group pictures used to be made after classroom session. Ccntinues village tour to visit Mask Maker house of Ida Bagus Anom, or House of Ida Bogus Tilem is the best wood carving artist in his era. Cooking lessons is the highlight of Village. Local guide will take you to Balinese Kitchen cooking your dishes for Lunch such as: Nasi Goreng ( Friend Rice), Tum Ayam atau Ikan (Steamed Chicken or fish), Jukut urab ( mixed vegetables with coconut). This will be unforgotten experience at Balinese Dapur ( Kitchen). There are still two cultural activities waiting for afternoon program. You will actively get involve for Balinese basic offering making or Canang Sari, and basic Balinese dancing course. Show your talents to follow the tutor for this workshop. Full day tour will be ended by handing you a work­shop certificate by the local host.

Prices & Inclusions

Schedule: Daily, 09:00 – 17:00.
Price: Rp. 200,000/person (2 persons minimum).
Inclusions: Coffee or tea breaks, local guide, donation.