Tarukan Tourism Village is one of 12 Banjars under the administration of Mas Village, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province. The location of Kampung Wisata Tarukan is only 45 Kilometers away from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, 22 Kilo-meters from Sanur Beach Tourist Area and 7 Kilometers from Ubud Tourist Area. Having a height of 300 meters above sea level, the tourist village of Tarukan has a temperature of 28-30 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and 22-25 degrees Celsius at night. The location of the Tarukan tourist village is very easy to access because the entrance is on the highway of the Mas road, stretching from the giant baby statue of the village of Blahtanah to the Ubud tourist area and the palace of President Tampaksiring.

Short History of Mas Village

Mas Village with a population of 11,600 people, one of 8 villages owned by Ubud District has been known as the center of Balinese wood sculptors since the Dutch colonial era in the 1930s. Even the late Joop Ave, former Minister of Tourism, considered Mas Village to be his “Second Homenya” because of his interest in the art of crafting wooden sculptures in the Mas Village community. The first President of the Republic of Indonesia Bung Karno when heading to the presidential palace of Tampaksiring always took his time to look after his friend’s sculpture artists in Mas village like the late KP Rodja, Ida Bagus Nyana, Ida Sadra, etc, in the 60’s. According to Babad, it is told that the existence of Mas Village in the XIII century when Mpu Wijaksara known as Ki Patih Wulung was ordered by the King of Bali; Dalem Ketut Sri Kresna Kepakisan who reigned in the Kingdom of Samplangan, Gianyar to occupy a vast expanse of forest and rice fields assisted by several soldiers accompanying . The presence of Ki Patih Wulung in Mas village gave birth to his descendants called Pangeran Bendesa Manik Mas which is the origin of the name Mas Village itself. Then told in the Babad that in the XV century visited a Maha Rsi Shiva with the title Ida Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rawuh was the king’s advisor in Majapahit. His arrival to Bali was due to the slow collapse of the Majapahit Kingdom called “Sirna Hilang Kertaning Bumi. Hearing the arrival of Maha Rsi Shiva above, this opportunity was utilized by Bendesa Manik Mas to make him “Geria” or a house just a few meters from the Tarukan Tourism Village named Pura Taman Pule. From this Geria, Maha Rsi Siwa lowered his teachings about Hinduism with the concept of Padmasana worship for the great God. Continued the story, finally Maha Rsi married the daughter of Prince Bendesa Manik Mas namely Ayu Mas Gumitir who gave birth to Brahmana Mas. One of the famous Brahmana Mas descendants was the late Ida Bagus Nyana and his late son Ida Bagus Tilem which was a sculptor maestro who had traveled the world.


The attractions of Tarukan Tourism Village are “Carver or Wood Carver” which is inherited from generation to generation which is a cultural attraction besides the houses of residents that still maintain the “Sikut Satak House (Balinese Architecture)” until present with various carved ornaments. Other cultural attractions are the Balinese Gamelan and Balinese Dance which often perform in various events, such as the Bali Art festival as ambassadors of Gianyar Regency. Besides that, the culinary experience in Tarukan Tourism Village comes with various activities at Home Stay along with the host such as cooking lesson, learning to make Sate Lilit (Satay), learning to make Balinese offerings.


At present there are 20 houses that can be used as Home Stay and can accommodate up to 60 people or even more.